Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You can tell you live in Florida when...

A sure sign of someone who lives in warm country is when he or she jump out from under some toasty covers at 0700 in the morning just to go outside to look at the frost covering the car.

It's even more a sign when that same person takes pictures of it.

My son had to go to work this morning and rushed back inside to tell me his car was coated with frost. So, as described above, I rushed out to see it. I was like a kid given free reign in a candy store.

I etched the word "hi" and had my kid take a picture. Another was taken after the rear defrost caused lines across the back window. Still another was taken of the hood with its many frosty fingers etched across the shiny surface.The great part was after some of the covering on the front window thawed. He used the window wipers and swept parts of the frost off to the sides. I picked up a bit and tossed it onto his face and yelled, "frostball!"

It was priceless.

I DO NOT miss snow, or the cold country, but moments like this make it fun when a small bit of it reaches this far south. That, and the temp next week is supposed to be in the 70's again.

Thank goodness.